Learnings and outcomes from a successful 2023 CCDS AGM at York University

Message from Rui Wang, CCDS President:

Our CCDS AGM, May 12-14 at York University, was a weekend to remember. It was wonderful to have so many of you here on our campus to meet you in person and work together to strengthen pan-Canadian advocacy for science education.

I believe we were successful in our objectives: to learn from each other, share knowledge about pressing issues and challenges in science education, and further our collective voice to help drive positive change by advocating for science education and research as a national priority. The input, energy, and enthusiasm of the many deans and associate deans present at this event showed both the heart and the true value of CCDS.

Science and associate deans at the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Council of Deans of Science

As a result of the AGM, moving forward CCDS has committed to several united initiatives that will bolster the advocacy of science education, including:

  • Strengthening its effort to present an organized and united voice for science education and research across the nation, raising public awareness of the critical importance of science education and research, positioning Science and Research as a national priority, and working together with tri-council and other funding mechanisms to increase funding to science research programs and the training of highly qualified personnel.
  • Continuing to facilitate institutional collaboration and communication via multiple channels for science education and research among all Faculties of Science in Canada.
  • Exploring channels to enhance its organizational functions to include leadership training possibilities for Deans and Associate Deans of Science.
  • Promoting best practices and strategies, including but not limited to EDI, accessibility, student and employee well-being and mental health, international collaboration, emerging AI challenges on academic integrity, and research data storage and security among membership Faculties of Science of CCDS.

I look forward to working with you throughout the rest of 2023 to advance our shared mission and meeting you in 2024 at our next AGM.


Rui Wang,
CCDS President
Dean, Faculty of Science
York University